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Thread: Mo's Account

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    Mo's Account

    So, it's with a heavy heart that i have to suspend Mo's account so that her email address does not receive any correspondence that would probably upset her family.
    It goes without saying that we all enjoyed Mo's contributions and she will be sorely missed.

    RIP Mo
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    Yes. She & I (& all of you) have been talking for 10 years now. Her stories of her daily routine, flowers - Dave, her daughter's stroke her son from Yellowknife coming in -- just so much we talked about. And politics! of course books, shows and culture. I will miss all that so much. I considered her a friend - "talked to her everyday". She was kind enough to exchange addresses for cards - I hope I'm as thoughtful, articulate/communicative and friendly to someone I do not know when I'm older as she was. I will miss her - I do miss her.

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    I think we all miss Mo. Up until a few months ago she was on here almost daily and joined in with all the topics and never had a bad word to say about anyone. Not to mention all the good book/author tips she gave.

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    I will miss her too. She was an inspiration on keeping up with life even at an advanced age. :'(
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