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  • It seems an absolute age since I posted on this section si quite a few to report on.

    Celina Grace - Scimitar. I have previously read a few of these featuring a detective called Kate Redman. Good
    Simon McCleave - The Harlech Beach Killings. New author to me, OK
    Rebecca Bradley - Blood Stained. Another new to me author. Good
    Val McDermid - Christmas is Murder. A short story. Good
    Quintin Jardine - The Cage. Latest in the Bob Skinner series. Very good as usual
    Val McDermid - Past Lying. Very Good
    Peter James - Stop Them Dead. The latest in the Roy Grace series, set in Brighton on England's south coast. One of my favourite series, excellent as always
    Tim Sullivan - Thev Dentist. Good
    Richard Osman - the Last Devil To Die. Richard is a UK TV quiz presenter, This is the latest in the Thursday Murder Club Series. Good and humerous in parts
    Quentin Black - Lessons in Blood. The main character is a bit Reacher - ish. He gets into a skirmish with four bad guys and beats them easily. If there are eight bad guys his girlfriend sorts them out
    Quentin Jardine - Autographs in the Rain. An old Bob Skinner book that I must have missed first time around
    Duane Lindsey - The Grifter's Daughter. A bit differnent but good
    Stuart Field - A Friend of the Famil Not a bad story but two complaints. One is that this book is part one, wasn't aware until I had finished it. Second, I don't recall ever reading a book with so many mistakes in it. Spellings, wrong tense, wrong meanings. Whoever releases Kindle books don't seem to check them as well.