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    We were back in Blackpool in 1987 and then went by train from there down to Holyhead and over on the ferry to Ireland and motored around there for a week or so. Dave wanted to visit Donegal as his ancestors had emigrated from around there many years ago, probably around the time of the potato famine. His family were Protestants in a primarily Catholic area. Not much chance of us travelling now, both of us have a problem with mobility and advancing years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanie View Post
    Is that UK Amazon, YB? I haven't notice anything about Bookbub on US Amazon but I could have overlooked it. They're always offering some kind of deal; a couple of which I've taken advantage. Kindle Unlimited is one. These books we can read for free. And the early reads for each month for $1.99. At the first of each month they offer new releases that will come out later in the month and we can choose one to read early and cheaply. I've discovered new authors-to me.
    I get emails each day from Bookbub and Bookgorilla. Makes it easy to get way too many books on my kindle

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    So it seems there is a US version of Bookbub

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