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    I was a big fan of Myron & Win when they were regulars in the 90's/00's. Then he brought them back for a "one off" in 2016 which somehow didn't seem just as good.

    I'll be interested to see how Win performs on his own, when my library finally let me have a copy

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    Thereís nothing better than a good Myron and win book so itís just the perfect duo and I used to enjoy the stories. I donít do of course young adult books so I didnít read any book that had to do with MyronĎs nephew.
    And I loved the Lucas Davenport books pre-him getting married and kids ... he was awesome!
    I guess I look forward to the Will Trent books by Karen Slaughter most each year and then Janet Evanovichís Stephanie Plum Ranger and Joe Morelli books oh and you canít forget Lula! Ha! But I read several series...

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