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    Child - King
    Away to start on Trunk Music by Michael Connolly
    I haven't failed, i've merely found 10,000 reasons why it didn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4AMNTN View Post
    Well I by passed ALL those to re read INTO THE YELLOWSTONE
    💕 Don't tell me the ending!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4AMNTN View Post
    Still in WY with McCreary. Really hoping for a sequel to this! --
    You'll get one!
    The rules are: There ain't no rules.

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    Lee Child, Peter James, Graham Hurley
    Running out of Road - Cath Staincliffe. Interesting story about four characters who have no previous connections but circumstances bring them all together

    Intermission - Graham Hurley. Latest in the Enora Andressen series. I'm beginning to like this series a lot.

    The Reacher Guy - Heather Martin. The Lee Child biography. I started reading this in January and only finished it in September. Must be a record for me. I kept putting it aside as books by my favourite authors became available at the library. However it is that sort of book that you can do this with, unlike a story. Did I like it? Being honest I couldn't give it more than a seven out of ten. Would I recommend it to you good people on here? Maybe - it is interesting and you do find out lots of Lee's secrets. My biggest complaint is that it flits about a lot. There will be a few paragraphs about his time working in TV in the UK, immediately followed by a magazine interview in 2019.

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