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Thread: The Sentinel

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    So I read The Sentinel last week and have a few comments.

    First, I don't think the American editors who normally parse Lee's narrative to weed out British colloquialisms were as much on board for this book. There were a handful of words that I've never seen in a Reacher story. Example: recce. I took it to be reconnoiter but I don't know. There a few others but that one was repeated most often.

    Second, good for Lee and Andrew for their prescience. The whole thing about the vulnerability of American elections to hacking was presumably written before all the hoopla surrounding the 2020 election results.

    Third, there was a bit where Reacher beats up six guys and drags their limp bodies together to stack them in a pile. I'm sure it's a coincidence, but a very similar bit takes place in that last story (Watch Me) that took me so long to finish. Pretty sure the chapter with my bad guy stack was posted on the fanfiction website well before The Sentinel was published. I'm not saying they copied me, I'm saying I didn't copy them. That's all.

    Fourth...I don't remember what fourth was. 🙂

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    I didn't particularly notice the "British" bits in the book but over the years I have noticed Lee's many "American" bits. I never thought about it being an editor who changed things.

    I don't think its a surprise now as Lee has lived in the US for many years but I did think it a little strange in the earlier books.

    And you are correct, Dan. Recce is short for reconnoiter.

    There are lots of expressions used (not only in Reacher books but in any written by US authors) that I don't actually know the meaning of but I can guess well enough to follow the story. There must be 100's of variations between UK English and US English

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    My all time whaaa??? is SLEWED ... I've never seen it used in any other books - and the "5 will get you 10" we just don't say as often here and of course - That's for Damn ... Reacher=isms.

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