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Thread: Blue Moon 10.28.19 - SPOILER

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    As I've stated several time : I wish LC would do a Reacher "Flash Back" so he would be younger & somewhat reckless with his usual outcome. I'd like the "old Crew" to get together in a book too.

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    I take on board the comments about being over descriptive but I don't think this is new for Blue Moon, it has always been a feature of the Reacher books, its Lee's writing style. Plus lots of other authors I read seem to do the same. It's as though the publisher has told them they need to write 400 page stories so that the customer gets "value for money". So they write a 300 page story and then pad it out to make 400.

    It's a bit like TV programmes, sometimes we watch say a six part series and at then end Mrs YB says "It was good but they could have easily condensed it to four episodes"

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