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Thread: Not a rant, just sharing worrying news

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    There are always some people with a grudge against something or someone. They want to protest. Peacefully. Unfortunately peaceful protests don't exist because there are another group of people who look out for protests and then join in. They rarely have any support for the cause, in fact they often don't know what the cause is but they get enjoyment out of hurting other people, setting fire to cars and in some cases worse.

    There has been a case here in the last few days, Swansea in South Wales actually. Complete mayhem. Senseless

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    Oh and Dan. I'm from the 60's but I didn't behave like that

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    HAAA YB..... but are correct in your statement. Just this morning Kevin asked if I wanted to go to the big car show at the Titans Stadium - I said NOW? with people wanting what you have ... wanting that YouTube or TikTok moment? can't even LOOK at people anymore. and THATS a shame - cause it's SOMETHING to do & we are CAR people. But it's just not worth it to me to get out of our 10 mile comfort zone. whats happened?

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