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    I just read an article which tells me that fuel/petrol/gas price in the USA has risen to $5 a gallon. I think that is roughly equal to 4 UK pounds, Our price is currently around 8 UK pounds and seems to rise daily.

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    MY goodness! I don't know how people are doing it! We live about 30-40 miles West of Nashville & they're MANY communities and counties that spiderweb out from there -- it's nothing for people to drive 2 hours to work HOW ARE THEY DOING IT? Kevin's been driving our Smart Car ... his Silverado is in the garage. Thursday's grocery run - 380.00 at Publix, 97.00 at the "meat store".... for 2 people for 1 week ... it's more in Michigan where my sister lives and also a little more than here in Alabama.

    anyone else?


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      It's well over $6 for regular unleaded in our area, approaching $7 closer to the interstate or Los Angeles.
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        Just to complicate things slightly, a US gallon and a UK gallon are different. A US gallon is equal to approx 3.7 litres whereas a UK gallon is equal to 4.5 litres. So a US gallon is only 83% the size of a UK gallon.

        So if a US gallon is say $7 if you scale that up to the size of a UK gallon the equivalent then would cost around $8.5. The exchange rate would mean the US cost is around 6.8 UK pounds as opposed to the 9 we are paying.

        Hope that all makes sense