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25-09-2016, 05:05 AM
A neighbour, two doors down, a policeman with the Toronto Division, has complained a couple of times about our barking dogs and I have to admit that they bark a lot any time another dog goes by or this neighbour plays football with his son outside our house. Anyway, I make a point of bringing them in when the barking starts but hubby and daughter don't seem to worry too much. The neighbour and his wife have two children, a teenage daughter and an about to be teenage son - during the good weather he was practicing his jumping skills on his skateboard off the end of his driveway and landing with an almighty crash. I never said a word figuring he would stop at some time. So was annoyed when policeman neighbour was making a fuss about barking dogs, came to our door, to lecture me - I was prepared to be conciliatory as I don't like the dogs barking either, but he stood there shouting at me and waving his finger in front of my face. Sad to say I lost it and smacked the table and said "Goddammit, stop pointing your finger in my face", he looked surprised but it didn't stop the lecture, I tried to reason with him but he just shouted me down, bad scene. Hubby finally came to the door with his two cents worth, got mad and then told him to go to hell. I was so upset, have never had a scene like that before with a neighbour, I knew he hated dogs as they got rid of theirs because it was annoying him, but never expected him to come and read me the riot act. I think what has upset me most is that I really don't have anyone to back me up and let me do the 'poor little me' thing, hubby not all that well and a couple of my friends have bigger problems than mine. Thanks for letting me unload here, maybe I can go to bed and sleep now. Have to make sure dog door doesn't get left open and dogs only go out under supervision. It's too bad as they are in a fenced area and now we have to curtail their outside time. They are little dogs but they do yap. :(

And I hope he never gets promoted beyond police constable, unfriendly man that he is. A pox on him!

25-09-2016, 11:21 AM
That's awful, Mo

I don't know the geography of your road or how loud/often your dogs bark so cannot say if your neighbour has any justification for his complaints. However we should all be courteous towards our neighbours and him even more so. As a serving police officer part of his training should have been how to be courteous to others. If he behaves like that when at work it is no surprise that the police get a bad name.

25-09-2016, 02:28 PM
Hello YB - Dave, who isn't too well at the best of times, is really feeling ill today and has gone back to bed. I just feel sick about the whole business, we've lived here for 38 years and never had anything like this happen before. I'm probably to blame as I challenged him about his son and the skateboard jumps which I hadn't complained about before just to point out that tolerance can go both ways, he just shouted me down and I got angry too. So instead of me negotiating a peaceful resolution I made it worse and Dave consigning him to the hot place finished it off. So just have to make sure dogs are only out when we let them out and keep the dog door closed.

25-09-2016, 07:48 PM
Oh Mo I'm so sorry to hear that. I agree he should have been more polite. First off that's what one should do second out of respect and third he's a police officer. I don't care for barking dogs either BUT it can't last forever & maybe if the reasons were lessened that would help. If you know of a situation that makes them bark move them to another area of the house til that passes, YES you would need to keep an eye out when their out -people are horrible to animals! But also maybe to help keep the barking down as well.
Do you ever watch The Dog Whisperer?? I live it! Cesar Milan?? Look up some videos on YT. He seems very helpful.
I'm just sorry that he upset you that much. And yes, he should watch his kids, too. People seem to not notice their own but will quickly point out others??? ~~~isn't that Matthew? about the plank in the eye or something???~~~
Vent anytime you like! [emoji253]

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25-09-2016, 09:39 PM
Thanks 4A, all quiet today, have kept the dog door closed and the dogs only out when one of us is out with them. Just shook us both up to have him over here shouting. He doesn't seem to be a happy and friendly man, we can always pray that they put their house up for sale and move away, it would be wonderful. He is a bit of a tyrant so it won't be too long I imagine until one of his kids rebels.

26-09-2016, 01:56 PM
Our neighbors have a dog that stays inside tho we hear him bark when we're out. We can't see him but he sees us - farther back there's a rooster that's timing is off he'll crow mid day for hours. Again we can't see him. Our side neighbor has a backed up pond 50x50 that I swear breeds mosquitos--- we despise this!! Also she's a hoarder I'm thinking. She has her 2 car garage full with boxes/junk so she parks her vehicles outside in the yard. And other than the weekly gun shots out here, that's about it.
Keep us posted on your guy Mo.

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26-09-2016, 05:05 PM
All quiet this way - I don't expect we'll hear any more as we've been keeping the dogs in and only letting them out when we're out there supervising so that if a dog goes by (on a lead) we can stop them if they start barking. They are only little dogs but they can bark up a storm. I don't like hearing them barking either and they are good at coming in when called. As for Mr. & Mrs. Unfriendly, we don't have much to do with them anyway so it isn't as though we'll regret not talking to them. :) It upset Dave a lot, but it hit him harder, made him feel ill (he has never been a confrontational man and the fact that he consigned this man to the hot place probably threw him off, certainly surprised me!). Considering that this man is a policeman he should have a better way of communicating with the public but then maybe he's just a miserable and unhappy person. I know he hates dogs anyway. He doesn't talk to the neighbour on one side, don't know how he is with the other one. Maybe he'll sell his house which would be nice.

26-09-2016, 06:01 PM
Mo! Ur too funny! Maybe we here at TBJ could summons bad ju-ju his way?[emoji83][emoji84][emoji83]

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26-09-2016, 06:39 PM
Sounds good to me 4A but I'm not really malicious.....maybe a wee bit.:rolleyes:

26-09-2016, 08:27 PM
Mo, it's a shame your neighbor is like he is and I doubt he's going to change; from what you've told us. So, please be vigilant. Each time - before I took the dogs out - I'd go out alone and check the yard to make sure Mr. Meany hadn't left 'something' for the dogs to find that could cause them harm. You can't be too careful with a person that sounds as tightly strung as your neighbor. It's too bad it has to come to this, but I repeat - you can't be too careful.....

27-09-2016, 05:06 AM
You know Deanie, I had never thought of that and you're right, we should be more vigilant. I'm not sure that neighbour would do anything illegal, him being a policeman, however if people get annoyed enough you never know. :(

27-09-2016, 01:06 PM
Yeah we had a collie when I was little & he kept getting on the neighbors property-- I was young but I remember my dad yelling at the man that he poisoned our dog by feeding it something w/ a poison in it. It was really sad. He was a big beautiful collie. There were 2 Amos & Andy. First pets I remember.

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03-10-2016, 03:50 PM
Sorry to hear about your problems with the neighbor...IF there's a next time, make sure he's outside & just shut the door on him. Call the police if he won't go away & have him trespassed. And hopefully if he acts this way at work, his superiors know & he's on a fast track to another job!

03-10-2016, 07:50 PM
Thanks Meg, I kinda think the man is a bit of a sorehead anyway, he doesn't seem to be too happy. We've been supervising the dogs when they are outside and bring them in if they start to bark. So all is quiet. We don't have any occasion to have a conversation with him other than a "Hi" if we pass him on the crescent. Son said exactly what you said, if he trespasses, shut the door and call the local police.