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15-06-2018, 05:32 AM
Our daughter, Sheila, had a seizure at work yesterday, banged her head and needed stitches, our phone was off the hook and I didn't realize there was a problem until I realized the phone had messages on it, the message was from a paramedic taking Sheila to the hospital in the ambulance. What a shock, phone was low in battery so had trouble getting an outside line until I used the land line phone in the kitchen. We arrived at the hospital about 8 pm and some of her work buddies were there keeping her company also her boss, which was really great of them. She had a CT scan and blood tests all fine. She hasn't had a seizure in 20 years and we think that maybe having to have her 18 year old Westie to be euthanized really upset her although she kept saying she was fine and as he wasn't well and wasn't eating she thought it was time for him to go. I thought how brave she was as I was in bits about it. I guess she pushed it all to the back of her mind but it didn't stay there. Anyway she's at home and sleeping. The attending doctor phoned to tell her to up her dilantin pills to three a night because her test came back as low. Now it will be back to being tested by the neurologist. She is not able to drive and it will be up to the doctor as to when she can drive again. We have relied on her to do our running around for us so now we have to figure out how to help ourselves more instead of relying on Sheila. It's good that Dave can still drive so he'll be needing to drive her to work when she is able to return. We were figuring out how best Dave and I can tackle the grocery shopping as neither of us is too mobile. I'm o.k. with my walker and I guess I can get a fair bit of the groceries in the front basket. Always some wrinkle when you're not expecting it. Anyway, we are glad that she is going to be alright once the pain of the headache goes where she banged her head. She must be feeling a bit better as she was a wee bit cranky when I peeked in at her before heading up stairs to bed reminding her not to forget to take her pills so it's good to see her energy returning. :)

15-06-2018, 03:53 PM
A wee bit cranky - well I guess. So sorry to hear all of that Mo. ALL of it. The dog, her seizure, but the most is y'all having to plan for errands. The thought makes me sad. It's a upset in your routine - MAJOR. I hope she doesn't work too far... can a co worker drive her? several them & switch out days??? And your errands - is there service, friends, friend's KIDS? Again, could a co worker drive your daughter with YOUR list to do this when she's feeling better?
very concerned ...

15-06-2018, 07:13 PM
Sorry to hear of your troubles, Mo. Hope things are back to normal as soon as possible

15-06-2018, 10:07 PM
So sorry about your daughter, Mo. Hope she'll soon be on the mend. I also hope y'all can figure out ways to get everything taken care of that needs to be done.

16-06-2018, 11:06 PM
Thanks for all the good wishes, Sheila is much better but still a bit dizzy and has a colourful shiner in her left eye and stitches going up into her hairline. She's determined to get back to work as they are really short staffed and it's a family business so they rely heavily on the staff they have.

We did the grocery shopping today, me with my walker and Dave driving around in the motorized cart courtesy of the store. We could have the groceries delivered if I was clever enough to figure out their system. Haven't a clue what their different aisles contain and today was quite an adventure, Fortunately I could sit down when my back gave out. Keeping track of where Dave was when he was tooling around in his electric buggy with the list was a challenge.

Dave can still drive but getting in and out of the car is the main problem and if he gives up his licence rather than taking the upcoming test it will be taxi service we'll rely on or the Dart bus for the old and frail! ��

Sheila has been our legs for a couple of years now so we have to devise ways to help ourselves. A good challenge for us.

18-06-2018, 01:39 PM
Mo - Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope gets well and you guys can meet the challenges.

Dan M.
19-06-2018, 12:17 AM
It's really hard adjusting to new routines and schedules. You have a wonderful attitude about the situation, Mo. Hopefully this will be temporary and brief and Sheila will be quickly back to normal and your lives can carry on. Best wishes and prayers moving forward.

19-06-2018, 02:31 PM
Mo... I'm not real sure where you live up there but our Wal-Mart's here will take a list & get it together for you to pick up. Our Publix I thinks does too, maybe Kroger? Could that be something you might look into?

19-06-2018, 05:54 PM
Our stores in the UK do that, or they will deliver for a charge.

The problem is the 'pickers' don't necessarily choose the best. If its loose goods such as apples they just pick the first they come to which may include some battered and bruised whereas you would discard those and look further into the box. Also they do not take into account special offers, you may have ordered a one pound (weight) packet of XXX but choosing yourself you may find a packet twice as big for only one and a half times the price so you would miss the bargains. In Mo's case as a temporary measure it may be the best way but there are a lot of able bodied people who choose that route maybe spending up to 50% more on a big shop than they need to

19-06-2018, 11:44 PM
Thanks to all for the good wishes and suggestions. I did try to get on a grocery shopping list but it was getting complicated, so much information wanted and then I had to identify what I wanted from the aisles, like I know which aisle has what item? Every time you go they change stuff around. Anyway, Dave and I went on an outing, he used the electric cart provided by the store while I walked around with my walker and loaded stuff onto it I could remember from the list I made, which, naturally, was wheeling around the store in the electric cart. We managed not too badly but had a whopper of a bill when we came to the checkout but I have enough in the freezer for dinners for Dave for the week, chicken Kiev today, and I can still taste it! Maybe a bit too much fatty stuff in the stuffing.

Sheila went back to work yesterday and managed fine, Dave drove her there and picked her up at night, she was at the doctor's today and has a follow up with a unit at the hospital tomorrow and then probably will have to see the doctors attached to the motor vehicles branch.

Unfortunately, there are some other problems relating to what Dave can and cannot remember, we get coffee and bagels from McDonalds usually each morning, we like the taste of the coffee, and I printed it out quite clearly what we wanted so Dave could go through the drivethrough but what was on the list wasn't what came back and he insists he read it carefully to them, so I suspect his eyesight is not responding too well although he reads the papers. His personality is a bit different from the quiet man I married- he has become quite argumentative (and that's usually my job!) but not all the time, so it's almost like living with someone you used to know - not all the time but it gets me down at times. Pardon me whining so I'll stop now.

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Sheila is well on her way to being her usual lively self, thank goodness. And I'll go and watch the tennis from London and that should keep me quiet for a while.:lol:

22-06-2018, 04:49 PM
Mo so sorry to hear all of this. I just didn't think about you not knowing the store layout. I guess because I go 1-2 times a week. I wonder if the store has a layout on the internet? OR if you have a smart phone you cold take a picture of what you need, size amount? that's a lot too though? Funny I tell Kevin ok... 3rd iles over looking towards the back shoulder high on the left almost to the end. Then I send him picture.ha-ha.

Your husband sounds a lot like my dad. He's snappy, confrontational, short ... interrupts so he can talk (because he says he'll forget if he doesn't). this just in the last 4 years or so??? He's 75. And I blame the LYRICA. I hate that he takes it. My mom just goes about doing whatever & we see it. He doesn't of course. I'm 51 & I finally said something back to him last year & it still bothers me. BUT ... it's NOT right - & it's NOT how we want to remember him.
sad... I wish you luck & patients. I don't think he means it - just lives totally "in that moment". meaning my dad OR your hubby.....

22-06-2018, 09:42 PM
Thanks 4A - Dave is 87 and life isn't as easy for him as it used to be, so between the two of us we're a couple of old crocks but thankfully we have peaceful days when we're both doing o.k. Sheila is a lot better but gets tired easily, but she went over to the grocery store with her Dad today and between them they picked up the weekly groceries (I had a smile because she and her Dad get going when he gets pernickety) but it was fine. She has gone down for a rest - she has to go to a walk-in clinic to get her stitches out, the Emergency Dept. doc said just to go to a walk-in clinic when it's time for them to come out - had to look up the Internet to see when the time for them to come out was! Seemed a wee bit offhand. The nurse across the street would have done it but she's not too well and didn't want to attempt it.

23-06-2018, 12:39 AM
Oh yeah once youíve taken sutures out itís like riding a bike. 7-10 days
Good Iím glad to hear sheís better. Getting better. And she can take the reigns when the two of u need it! [emoji5]

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24-06-2018, 06:55 PM
Yes, each day she seems a bit more energetic. Has an appointment with a neurologist in September to check up on the brain waves, strange ailment is epilepsy, so maybe no more seizures for another 20 years and maybe none at all. Let's hope so.

30-09-2018, 11:16 PM
OK. Have had enough of this BS by the CBFord & the committee ...... I do not believe her accounts.... ACCOUNT of the events. If it were anyone else YOU KNOW someone would say "well if she'd lie about flying she'd lie about what else?????" No corroborating evidence. NONE! TOO many holes, please. He said SHE said....practice WHAT you preach ... (she's a psychologist --- but NOT legally licensed in CA!!!!!) didn't convince me... a "baby talker" one minute & arrogant the next. 35 years?
IMO, & it's just that. my opinion.

01-10-2018, 02:40 AM
Sorry 4A, but I disagree, I thought Kavanaugh was an arrogant fib teller. Many people who went to school with him have come forward and said that he was a mean and beligerent drunk. He didn't sound like the kind of person who should be on the highest Court in the land, the Supreme Court is supposed to be apolitical and he was raving on about the Democrats. Do you really want a Judge who has trouble controlling his temper making life changing decisions? I watched the whole eight hours of testimony and couldn't believe that I was watching real life drama, not something put together for television. As it is right now, it is a 'he said, she said' situation unless the FBI finds anything different. Will just have to wait and see. Whatever happens it affects the US - how do you like President Trump telling his supporters that he and Kim Jung Un 'fell in love'? That's worth at least a smile. Sorry that we don't agree but I'm just an outsider looking in. No insult to you intended 4A.

01-10-2018, 02:40 PM
Mo. No worries. I did think he was a little emotional - but I CANT IMAGINE what he & his wife/kids/parents are going through. Funny you didn't mention the disgrepancies in her testimony. She's almost laughable ... in the way things are represented. I see that some said he drank in college ... I think most of college folks do.? But this was before college ... you know I've never felt the time lines were right anyway. That's just me looking in ... I don't know of many folks that can't say ouch about something they did way back when. (not including these allegations)
Clinton smoked pot, Obama did coke, Cory Booker assaulted someone, Sharpton won't pay taxes, Kennedy killed someone, etc....
---just examples I know it goes both ways ----
I like that Trump speaks "like the people" sometimes. Then at times he's way over my head. In other words he thinks they're fine. I'd say something like that -

Dan M.
01-10-2018, 05:20 PM
...but I'm just an outsider looking in.

Not anymore, Mo! Trump has brought you in with his new NAFTA deal!

01-10-2018, 06:42 PM
Dan, the NAFTA deal is gone, now USMCA, he wanted the one deal gone and got his way by the name changed. Now USMCA.

I just hope it's a good deal for both countries, the US and Canada should be able to get along, so am pleased that an agreement has been reached.

I too feel sorry for Mrs. Kavanaugh and her children.

4A - I also feel sorry for Dr. Ford, she wanted her concern to be anonymous, but it didn't happen that way.

01-10-2018, 08:55 PM
Yes I saw about USMCA deal. I hope itís good for all involved.
Ford maybe got screwed by the DNC on that. ?
Itís an odd story that doesnít have a place front & center IMO it REALLY takes away from other sexual assaults TRUE assaults again IMO.

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24-10-2018, 12:38 AM
Oh maybe I should have put my RANT ON THE IMMIGRATION CRISIS HERE

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30-10-2018, 06:28 PM
Oh HILS u make me laugh.
delete delete delete [emoji2955]

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06-08-2019, 02:38 PM
The AT&T DIRECTV black out!!!!!

14-08-2019, 01:49 PM
Just popping in to give an update. Dave not driving now, had an accident at a department store, tangled with the escalator, lots of bruises and abrasions but no head jury except he didn’t have memory of the fall so thought it better he not drive, now car less family. Son will fly here then drive the car back to Yellowknife. He will be getting an electric sidewalk scooter, shopping cart kind of vehicle, no plans to sell house at the moment. I’m feeling much better, have been walking a short distance early morning to avoid the heat. Hopefully Sheila will get licence back by October. Talk to you later.

14-08-2019, 04:11 PM
So glad you're feeling better Mo. Sorry to hear about Dave. Hope you can adjust and work it out as to being car less.

Dan M.
14-08-2019, 04:34 PM
Oh no, Maureen! Poor Dave, but it's good that he didn't bang his head up. How does he feel about not driving anymore? My mom is finally at the point where she isn't driving anymore and she confessed she had been afraid of driving for a while now. She will depend on us and others to be her wheels now. My wife is back to being comfortable driving after her knee replacement at the beginning of summer. Now if only she can get to the point where walking very much doesn't hurt! We found out she has advanced osteoporosis, which maybe explains a lot of the aches and pains she's been having in the last year or two.

14-08-2019, 07:42 PM
You have had it rough recently, Mo. Yourself, hubby, daughter. Here's hoping the bad stuff is all behind you now

14-08-2019, 09:10 PM
I agree with YB. I am so sorry to hear if Daveís tumble. Itís a heavy decision to have the car taken away. Yes! I hope ur daughter is able to obtain her license & be the runner for u. Itís good to hear ur out & about each day! I was just about to start the questions up again - concerned that I havenít heard from u on the site. [emoji1317]Wishing u & urs happier & healthy days ahead.[emoji253]
Plz keep us posted.

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14-08-2019, 10:32 PM
Thank you all, glad to have great forum friends, Dave is upset about not having a car but Sheila says it was time as she noticed he wasn’t as aware of other traffic. He’s away, by taxi, to check out some alternate sidewalk vehicle, hope he’s successful. Will let him get out and about in the neighbourhood. Thanks again everyone, you’re the best.❤️

15-08-2019, 03:19 AM
Mo, it's hard to not drive, but glad Dave is looking on the bright side and getting another 'set of wheels' to get around!

15-08-2019, 09:21 PM
Dave just purchased today what they call a scooter but it’s just a four wheel electric motor cart which you sit in and ride on the sidewalk. He’ll be able to go to the library or the stores and just sightsee which should brighten his day.

Dan M.
15-08-2019, 10:17 PM
Dave just purchased today what they call a scooter but itís just a four wheel electric motor cart which you sit in and ride on the sidewalk. Heíll be able to go to the library or the stores and just sightsee which should brighten his day.

I bet it will! Good for him! :clap:

16-08-2019, 12:53 AM
Oh how wonderful! A scooter! And sounds like a lot is local ... this is good [emoji1319]

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16-08-2019, 08:00 AM
I had to buy a ride on buggy for the golf due to my upcoming total knee replacement, it has it's drawbacks :lol:


16-08-2019, 04:30 PM
Gis, I hope your surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery. When is it scheduled?

17-08-2019, 12:35 AM
Yeah, me too. When? which knee? do u have an ďafter planĒ?
Much luck to u [emoji256]

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18-08-2019, 01:53 AM
Best of everything to folks having knee surgery, hope it goes well.

18-08-2019, 10:39 AM
Gis, I hope your surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery. When is it scheduled?

Yeah, me too. When? which knee? do u have an “after plan”?
Much luck to u
In the UK we have the NHS, normally there is a waiting list of approx 12 weeks for consultation and then surgery etc
I'm expecting to be taken in middle of October.
My right knee has had 6 operations so far in my lifetime, soccer injury and mostly arthroscopy type ops for cartilage repairs but i did have a lateral release where they released the tension on my exterior ligaments.

However, the total knee replacement should take care of the constant pain i'm in.

After care will be physio etc and generally building up the muscle above and below the knee to relieve stress

19-08-2019, 02:14 AM
Best of luck Gis! PT will be tough but well worth it.

19-08-2019, 03:24 PM
Gis, thanks for the update. Yes, I have heard of the "waiting times" in other countries. Ouch. I too had a tendon/muscle "lengthening"... wow. I was 20? It was my R hip... it's called Snapping Hip Syndrome. Painful! and loud! You could here the muscle snap over my hip joint across the room with every step. Odd since this mostly happens with professional dancers - and I was 15 when it started. I have a 3" scar like a hernia repair there... fixed the pain but the popping hasn't ever gone away fully.
Anyway! I hope things go well for you & no severe pain while you wait. Keep us posted! My Dad had a knee replacement last year & up & around the next weekend without any assistance (not smart). He was good - so was my friend after her last fall & my MIL ... :thumbsup:

Oh... luv the pic! hahaha

21-11-2019, 04:16 PM
:usaflag:I really do not understand the severe protesting going on these days. Blocking streets, entryways, vulgar slurs & signs, throwing items to harm, fighting, worse! Are they too young, too ME ME ME, not educated enough, no one to learn from - look up to? It's a mob mentality. Leaves me wondering if most of them even know WHY they are there or WHAT they're protesting? Sad really. These days people can't seem to have their own opinion without violence.
And these fights in fast food places? What in the world! Shameful.:usaflag:

20-10-2020, 10:06 PM
Went BACK to the Pulmonologist today for a Pulmonary Function Test & chest CT. I STILL have this awful chest tightness, throat tightness, gasping etc. blah blah since LAST year-right? ... I didn't care for him the first time we met - a suggestion from my long time GI to see this guy - so ok. But today when he started his .... horrible bedside manner - I just said politely: you know we don't get along - so I appreciate the studies but I'll just tell(the GI doctor)to just NOT ... got my things & left. It's not worth it he's a PRICK - and I don't have time for that. I have been working CLOSELY with doctors since I was 15 ... 1983... I am THAT NURSE. So today I just TIPPED! Nope , not for me. I sent an email to my Internist & they will help from here on out and MORE doctors I'm sure - but not that Prick. .... oooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!) :angry: :rolleyes: :computer: :scared: :halo:

22-10-2020, 09:05 AM
Sorry to hear that 4, it's bad enough that you are ill but worser that you don't have the confidence with this particular person, fingers crossed for the future

22-10-2020, 02:08 PM
Mrs YB had a similar experience with a medic many years ago, basically saying "there is nothing wrong". I think probably 99% of these people are fine - but there's a bad apple in every barrel. Hope you find a good one. Fours

25-10-2020, 12:22 AM
I had an OB/GYN with a horrible bedside manner. Turns out it wasn't just me being emotional...my cousin didn't like him either. Found another who was absolutely fantastic. Hope you get someone who will listen to you, find a solution and get you back to health. I know I seem to take health for granted.

26-10-2020, 08:07 PM
Thank you Gis, YB & Meg... awaiting an email from my internist - next? cardiologist???? stronger GI meds????

02-11-2020, 04:14 PM
What are deadlines for? ALL year --- every year ---- same day - same time - :idunno:

05-02-2021, 05:41 PM
OK it went thru... I deleted it tho.